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Tuliptree Trail

Tuliptree Trail

7660 Cave Road,
        Bainbridge, Ohio 45612

Directions: Follow Cave Road south until it dead ends, then turn right on Barrett's Mill Road. Cross over the Rocky Fork Creek. Miller's parking lot will be on the right, midway up the first hill, and is signed. Drive or walk down the long lane to the trailhead, which begins at the second parking lot. Miller boasts classic Rocky Fork beauty with several bridges, sparkling streams, and spring flowers. Three easy trails are offered.

Tuliptree Trail: The Tuliptree Trail, located along the Miller State Nature Preserve Trail, is 0.75 miles long. Generally considered an easy walk, this trail boasts classic Rocky Fork scenery with rock-scapes, sparkling streams, and beautiful spring flowers.

This 3/4 mile trail leads visitors upstream along a small tributary of Rocky Fork. The stream bottom here is solid dolomite and forms a waterfall near the beginning of the trail. The Tuliptree Trail loops through a stand of tuliptree (Liriodendron Tulipifera) so named because of the tulip-like flowers produced by the tree in late spring and early summer. The flowers usually are high in the tree tops and difficult to see, but the orange and green "petals" are often found on the ground beneath the trees.


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