Arch Trail at Miller Nature Sanctuary

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Arch Trail at Miller Nature Sanctuary

Arch Trail at Miller Nature Sanctuary

13654 Barrett Mill Road,
        Bainbridge, Ohio 45612

Directions: Follow Cave Road south until it dead ends, then turn right on Barrett's Mill Road. Cross over the Rocky Fork Creek. Miller's parking lot will be on the right, midway up the first hill, and is signed. Drive or walk down the long lane to the trailhead, which begins at the second parking lot. Miller boasts classic Rocky Fork beauty with several bridges, sparkling streams, and spring flowers. Three easy trails are offered.

Arch Trail: The Arch Trail is a short trail that features views of rock formations and the Rocky Fork Creek. This natural bridge is made out of Peebles dolomite, which is what most of Ohio's natural arches are formed out of. Geologically, these arches are formed when a crevice parallel to a cliff face has widened until it cuts through the roof of an alcove which is carved out by a water feature.

The Arch Trail is the shortest and easiest of the Miller Nature Sanctuary Trails. Only 1/3 of a mile in length, the Arch Trail passes directly below its namesake, which is more accurately a natural bridge than an arch. The bridge was formed as surface water running downslope and over the cliff, became captured by a vertical joint in the bedrock. This joint (or crack) was slowly cenlarged by the dissolving action of the surface water until all the water running down the slope flowed through the joint and under the bridge that we see today. The bridge stretches forty-six feet wide and three and a half feet high.


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