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2023 Highland County Tour of Homes

2023 Highland County Tour of Homes

Experience the Charm and Beauty of Highland County's Historic Homes

Are you a history enthusiast or someone who appreciates the elegance of beautiful architecture? Well, we have great news for you! The Highland County Historical Society is thrilled to announce the upcoming Tour of Homes, showcasing some of the most stunning historic properties in Highland County.

Scheduled for Sunday, September 24, this highly anticipated event promises to showcase some of the hidden gems that stand as testaments to the rich heritage and vibrant community of Highland County. During this exclusive Tour of Homes, you will have the chance to visit carefully curated properties, each with its own captivating story. 

To ensure a truly unforgettable experience, the Highland County Historical Society has handpicked a diverse selection of properties that epitomize the architectural styles prevalent throughout our region's history. 

(240 E Main St) Built in 1841, this Victorian style house was formerly known as Gable House Antiques for over 50 years. This home is currently owned by Kurtis and Rebecca Rhude Martin. Anne, Rebecca's mother, is the individual who ran the old antique store, as well as lived in this very house. The building itself is one of the most iconic places in Hillsboro Ohio, located right on Main Street, The property features a beautifully built staircase and five different fireplaces.

(305 E Main St) Currently, this house is known as the gift shop “Shipphaus Mercantile”, owned by Jefferson Truitt and Rebecca Sexton. The building is also used as an Airbnb that offers short term overnight accommodations. Aside from being a beautiful gift shop and place to stay, this building was used for a variety of different things in the past. This includes a doctors office, a dentist office, and even a small church. This Victorian home was best known for the Lucky Stop Antiques store that was owned by the Kier family. 

(30 Willettsville Pike) This home is currently owned by Tom and Grace Wilson. Curtis and Harriet Wilson, Tom's parents, are the individuals who built this gorgeous home back in 1941. The Wilson family decided to donate the corner of their property to the county. Thanks to them, the public library sits there on said land to this day. As for the house itself, it consists of wooden panels from the 1800’s, box shaped windows, and a beautiful porch surrounded by unusual plants known as hydrangea hedges. The house has three different stories that include an main floor, middle floor, and attic.

(6249 Dunlap Rd) Decorated with Scandinavian flair, this beautiful turn of the century farmhouse is home to the venue known as “The Sanctuary” and the shop “Small Town Junk”. It is also the home of Brad and Jessi Greene. This is an outstanding piece of property that features a beautiful setting with a country view. While it has been recently renovated, not much has been changed from the original home.

(9830 SR 124) This rustic styled cabin, also known as Rhoades Retreat, overlooks a beautiful countryside view and open fields. The cabin was constructed in 2015 by Don and Nancy Rhoades on their family's land. Both individuals have been lifelong residents of the community. Currently, the cabin is being used as a weekend retreat. This is the perfect little place for someone who wants a relaxing getaway.

(700 S High St) Built by Henry Huggins back in 1878, this beautiful two story brick house features a grand entryway, large porches and staircases, and is located on a lovely piece of land. Henry Huggins was a prominent attorney and judge. The house stayed in his family for over a century. Today, this building is home to Paul and Randalyn Worley.

(9651 SR 124) Today known as Stone Creek Farm, this house was originally known as the “Halfway Farm”. The house got this name for being a rest stop for travelers during the mid and late 1800s. While the building has recently been restored, nothing drastic has changed from the original structure. The home features a double fireplace, back staircase, and the original stone wall with iron hinges. The third story of the property is large and open with a fabulous scenic view of the land. This building is currently the home of Jennifer Jenkins. 

(256 E Walnut St) Built in 1871, the original home of Leander and Emma Detwiller, this property was given as a wedding gift from the bride's parents. Despite being recently renovated in 2021, this beautiful home still features its original staircase and glass transoms from the 1800s. Skylar and Erin Tumbleson purchased this property in 2022 which lies within a very old and historic neighborhood.  

(201 E Main St) The First Presbyterian Church was also known as “The Crusade Church” for its recognition in the “Temperance Crusade” back in 1873. This beautiful tall brick building is home to one of Hillsboro's oldest churches. The building features striking pieces of art work such as the colorful stained glass windows that can be seen from the outside of the property. The original bell tower is there as well, along with the original church bell that is still being used to this day.

(151 E Main St) This federal styled, two story brick house was built between 1842 and 1845 by Christopher Arthur. The house was originally a private residence for Peter Leake Ayers, and was later turned into an inn. Today, the building houses a museum, the museum's shop, and is the home of the Highland County Historical Society.

The Tour of Homes is not only a celebration of Highland County's rich history but also a key fundraising event for the Highland County Historical Society. By participating, you contribute to the preservation and promotion of our treasured heritage, ensuring that future generations can continue to appreciate the remarkable stories of our county's past.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore Highland County's architectural wonders, celebrate its vibrant history, and support the conservation efforts of the Highland County Historical Society. Mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and join us on this captivating journey through time. Tickets can be purchased at The Highland House, Warren Furniture, Classic Real Estate, Janie's Closet, and Corner Pharmacy in Greenfield.

More information about the Tour of Homes, including tickets and event details, can be found on the Highland County Historical Society's Facebook Page. We look forward to welcoming you to this unforgettable experience showcasing the best of Highland County's historic homes.

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