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Highland County Fairgrounds Rabbit and Poultry Building

604 John Street,
        Hillsboro, Ohio 45133


Monday: Open by Reservation
Tuesday: Open by Reservation
Wednesday: Open by Reservation
Thursday: Open by Reservation
Friday: Open by Reservation
Saturday: Open by Reservation
Sunday : Open by Reservation

The Rabbit & Poultry Barn  is a 100’ X 120’ facility, with a concrete floor, with both character and charm. It features 6 overhead access doors, so larger items such as props or oversized tables are no problem. Livestock pens are available, making this a great building to host a livestock event, livestock showing, or any other showcase. Restroom facilities are available on site. 


  • 12,000 sq. ft.
  • Concrete Floors
  • 2 Very Large Ceilings Fans 
  • Modern design
  • Tables and Chairs available with rental
  • Wi-Fi available 
  • Also available - announcer stands

We host large events such as antique shows, gun shows and car shows, and smaller events including birthday parties, swine, goat, and dog shows, and everything in between. 

 To rent the Rabbit & Poultry Building, call 937-205-4412 , or email highlandcofair@gmail.com.  


  • Closest City: Hillsboro
  • Region: Central
  • Category: Venue
  • Sub-Category: Receptions, Banquets, Birthday Parties, Kid Events, Business Retreats, Business Meetings, Miscellaneous, Other

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