The Quaint Village Of Mowrystown

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The Quaint Village Of Mowrystown

The Quaint Village Of Mowrystown

This little village was first established in 1809 by William Mowrys. During this year, William Mowrys built a tavern and became the town's first postmaster. This moment marked the beginning of the settlement of the area.

Ohio was a key state in the Underground Railroad network; a secret system established to help enslaved African Americans escape to the Northern states or Canada. Mowrystown and the surrounding area played a significant role in assisting escaped slaves on their long journey to freedom.

The Mowrystown area is home to two great restaurants that serve some of the best home cooking in the area. Mona Lisa’s Restaurant offers a variety of delicious home cooked meals that are brought to your table by wonderful staff. This little sit down diner is located on 12 South High Street in Mowrystown.

The Old Y Restaurant is another popular sit down place for Mowrystown residents and visitors. This wonderful little restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are also known far and wide throughout the county for their famous Y fish sandwich, homemade rolls, and homemade cream pies with mile high meringue. The Old Y Restaurant is located at 1940 State Route 62 in Winchester, Ohio.

Chuck Wait Tire is Morristown's very own auto repair and tire shop that is well known throughout the region. Chuck Wait Tire features a wide variety of tires from quality brands that will fit any need and they have top notch customer service. Chuck Wait Tire serves as the unofficial welcoming center to Mowrystown and is located at 21 East Main Street.

While Mowrystown is a small village, it offers a friendly community and a large amount of history. Mowrystown is a great spot to visit while spending the day in Highland County. 

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