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Hike and Explore Fort Hill

Hike and Explore Fort Hill

Fort Hill Earthworks & Nature Preserve is located in Highland County, Ohio, and is an amazing place to visit for nature lovers, hikers, and history buffs. This preserved space is home to one of the most extensive and historically significant Native American earthworks sites in the region. Fort Hill was built by the Hopewell culture around 2,000 years ago and served as a ceremonial center for religious and social activities.

The best way to explore the Fort Hill Earthworks site is to take the hiking trails that run through it. There are over four miles of trails available, ranging from gentle strolls to challenging hikes. The trails are well marked, so it's easy to find your way around, but they also provide an excellent workout. Along the way, visitors can enjoy stunning vistas and witness how the earthworks come to life in the natural surroundings.

The Fort Hill Earthworks site is rich in history. Visitors can learn about the Hopewell people and their way of life, their amazing building skills, religious practices, and the artifacts they left behind. The site is open year-round and offers guided tours and interpretive programs, so be sure to check out their calendar of events before planning your visit.

In addition to the historical and cultural significance, Fort Hill Earthworks & Nature Preserve is a beautiful natural area that is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. It hosts a mix of forests, fields, and wetlands that offer a diverse range of habitats for wildlife. Visitors can spot songbirds, wildflowers, and the occasional deer and turkey while enjoying the beauty of the site's natural surroundings.

In conclusion, visiting Fort Hill Earthworks & Nature Preserve in Highland County, Ohio, is an incredible experience for all who love nature, history, and hiking. The earthworks, trails, interpretive programs, and natural beauty all provide a unique perspective into the region's rich heritage and ecology. It's definitely worth a visit!

The preserve is located at 13641 Fort Hill Rd, Hillsboro and can be accessed directly from Route 41 via Fort Hill Road.

Most people agree that the first visit to Fort Hill Earthworks and Nature Preserve won’t be the last! More detailed information can be found at: https://www.ohiohistory.org/visit/browse-historical-sites/fort-hill-earthworks-nature-preserve/

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